Sora Dietzinger (Germany) began to play piano in the age of 8. At the University of Music Mannheim she studied in the class of Prof. Andreas Pistorius 1994-2001, where she graduated with Diploma music- teacher (piano) and Advanced artist- degree (piano) with best marks. Her first musical education before her study she received in Wiesloch private and at the music- school. She received a scholarship of the Markelstiftung Stuttgart for two years. Additional studies were at piano in London and at musicology in Heidelberg.

Her piano- study she completed at the International Anton Rubinstein- Music Academy Düsseldorf with Prof. Leontina Margulis 2005-2007 with a successful degree in the Masterclass. She visited Mastercourses with Arbo Valdma, Jevgeny Malinin, Thérèse Dussaut, Dina Yoffe, Leonid Sintsev, Vitaly Margulis, Bernd Glemser and other professors.

At Music- Competitions Sora Dietzinger is recipient of many national and international Prizes:

"Johann Baptist Cramer" and "Reinhold Glière" in St. Georgen 2013, 2016, 2018: 1. Prizes and 2020: Grand Prix

Badener piano- études competition in St. Georgen 2014: Grand Prix

Grand Concours International de Piano in Paris (France) 2016: 1. Prize

IMKA Internet music competition (Bosnia- Herzegowina) 2017: 1. Prize

Crossover- piano competition in Nagold 2017: 1. Prize and Special Prize

Moreover she received 2. Prizes at the international competitions “Valeria Martina” in Massafra and ”Magnificat Lupiae” in Lecce (Italy), Grand Prize Virtuoso (Austria), Concours Musical de France in Paris (France), Musical Fireworks in Baden-Württemberg and Golden classical music awards (USA). Further Prizes she received 7 times at "Jugend musiziert", later at "Righetti" in Cortemilia (Italy), Global Music Awards (USA), Brillant talent discovery awards (Singapur) and "Melos"- competition in Roma (Italy).

Since 25 years Sora Dietzinger is a free- lanced piano- teacher and pianist. Since 2001 she has taught  at the music- schools in Künzelsau and Bensheim, also at Konservatorium for Music in Kaiserslautern, and at a private music- school in Mutterstadt. Under her piano- pupils there are several prize- winners at youth- competitions.
Additionally since 2015 she is a piano- accompanist in Eurythmy- lessons at the Free Waldorf school Mannheim.

Sora Dietzinger has given many concerts. With 16 years she made her orchestra- debut as soloist with Mozart- piano concerto and performed the third Sonata of Prokofiew. In 1994 she absolved her Abitur in Heidelberg. Also she was correpetitor in chamber- music with other musicians for various years. The German- Korean musician has a wide- spreaded repertoire from the baroque, classic, romantic until the contemporary music (solo- and also piano duo- repertoire). She performed concerts in the Palatin Wiesloch, Hackmuseum Ludwigshafen, Hochstein Heidelberg, Steinway Düsseldorf, Schlösschen Limburgerhof, Alte Winziger Kirche Neustadt, Theodor Zink Museum Kaiserslautern, Evangelisches Gemeindehaus Herrenberg, Friedenskapelle Kaiserslautern, Orangerie Blieskastel, Gartenschau Kaiserslautern, Katholische Kirche Sippersfeld, Residenz Rüppurr Karlsruhe, Dr. Lederer- Haus Rodalben, Congress Center Ramstein and in various music- halls abroad.

With great success she played also in piano- duet with Nadja Estrina, André Erben and regularly with Jessica Riemer 2014-2020.

Sora Dietzinger is member of the German Tonkünstlerverband.